Note from the Commodore: No doubt by now you will be aware of the message broadcast Monday evening by the Prime Minster. Clearly, the Government have decided that far more stringent measures are required to combat the spread of Coronavirus. I discussed the situation (via email & conference call) with the Trustees, Executive and Sailing Committees and it was agreed that we have no choice but to close the sailing club until further notice. For clarity, like the club house, this now includes access to the water i.e. there must be no buddy sailing or windsurfing. I would also like to reiterate the point I made last week. This decision can be reversed as quickly as we have implemented it. I appreciate that this decision must be very frustrating, not being able to take part in the sport we all love. However, its important that we follow the Government's instructions. During this period, I would urge you all to keep in contact. I know we are all stuck at home but your phones, laptops, I-pads and PCs still work and allow us to socialise albeit not propping the bar up! If you are aware of any members that are not on email or Facebook , please give them a call and update them. If you do require any assistance with food shopping, medication, please drop me an email, call me on 01457 837440 and I will see what DSC can do to help. Finally, I hope you understand this decision but it is in all our best interests. Any questions, please make contact with any member of the Executive/Sailing Committee or myself. Stay safe and I hope to see you very soon.



We are a sailing club, affiliated to the RYA, that welcomes families and individuals new to sailing or experienced. We provide training and coaching for adults and young people, to develop skills towards taking part in the club racing programme and beyond.


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